Saturday, November 27, 2010

SMRT Buses' Zhongtong Bus LCK6121GHEV Hybrid - Preview of SMB137A [Demonstrator]

The Zhongtong LCK6121GHEV Hybrid bus is the second China demonstrator for SMRT Buses, the first being the Yutong ZK6126. It also is the first hybrid bus for SMRT Buses. It was spotted at Woodlands doing test rounds.

* SMB137A is not yet registered as of 27 Nov 2010 and carries a trade plate 4234S when being driven out on the roads.

SMB137A on Training Bus
The seating layout for the Zhongtong similar to that of the Citaro. There is one bay for Passengers in Wheelchair (PIW).

Offside shot of SMB137A
As with any hybrid buses, SMB137A is very quiet. Likely coming from the experience from the Yutong demo, a full length EDS (believed to be Mobitec) and standard Volgelsitze are fitted.

The rear's styling is reminiscence of the Citaro/OC500LE design.
The rear seems to be following the styles of SMRT's Citaro and OC500LE bodywork, but it is actually a Zhongtong design.

A comparison with the Chinese version (Right Hand Drive) of this bus:

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Photos copyright of 1986314 @ >
Looking forward to see it officially as SMB137A in revenue service soon!

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  1. The back of the bus like copy from Citaro. Then if you can see, there is handrail on all windows behind the exit door just like SBS's non-air con bus. Anyway, I also spotted the bus at SMRT Kranji Depot when I was on 925.

    Winson :)