Sunday, November 14, 2010

Singapore Polytechnic Escapade - Hippotour charters.

One of the Scania L94UB Hippotour bus, PA5418B chartered for the red team exiting Singapore Polytechnic.
 The author was recently invited by Afiq (a fellow transport enthusiast) to back to Singapore Polytechnic, which is his alma mater.

Singapore Polytechnic chartered a few Hippotour buses for their annual SP Escapade. Escapade is Singapore Polytechnic (SP)'s first dusk till dawn adventure for 'O' level students to celebrate YOU, de-stress and have fun!

The teams were brought ferried in these Hippotour buses between each stop of the adventure route around the Singapore Polytechnic campus. The Hippotour buses did not exactly drive within the campus, but around it for the stops.

The Hippotour buses also carried a new livery "The Original Tour. Singapore Sightseeing." The original livery can be seen @ Bill Wong's fotopic.

 On a side note, Singapore Polytechnic has changed a lot after the author graduated in 2009 =)

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