Wednesday, September 29, 2010

SBS Transit : Tail Light refurbishments

SBS Transit is currently in the process of refurbishing their older fleet's tail lights to newer ones similar to the Volvo Super Olympian's tail lights.

Old tail light set.
The new tail light set features a slightly bigger signal indicator and integrating the reflective safety strip into the set.

A comparison between the old set and the new set.

There are some buses like SBS9428S (pictured above) having only one set of tail light refurbished, with the other likely being replaced soon. Majority of the buses are expected to recieve this refurbishment.

This new set of lights are more prominent and easier to see, enhancing safety for the traffic behind.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Free shuttle to IKEA Tampines, Giant & Courts

Information on the free shuttle services to IKEA Tampines, Giant & Courts can be found here @

Saturday, September 25, 2010

2010 F1 Grand Prix - Road diversions

The 2010 Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix is heating up, and so is the diversions (and resulting jams) to make the Marina Bay Circuit possible.

One of the affected service, 36 was diverted to plyNorth Bridge road to reach the city area.

The signage pasted on the window of the affected buses/bus services.

Signages placed up for the diverted bus services.

For the diverted buses, some found themselves stuck in jams lasting nearly half and hour and resulted in sudden outside schedule cameos slotted in. The diversion will last till this Sunday (27 September 2010).

And for the F1-goers, have a good race day!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

TIB572Z with Alux rims

Taken on May 1st, when TIB572Z had its original Mercedes rims changed to sliver Alux rims. It is still the one and only bus that has Alux rims to date.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Jurong East Modification Project - Phase 2 [Jurong East - Bukit Batok]

This week's MRT disruption sees the train connection between Jurong East and Bukit Batok temporarily stopped for Jurong East Modification Project.

Informing passengers at the walkway connecting Bukit Batok Interchange and stations together.
The temporary boarding area at Bukit Batok Interchange.
Buses turning out of the boarding point.

Instead of a full bendy fleet, rigid buses were also used for the fleet. This was due to the average demand on the shuttles which resulted in some empty bendies running two weeks back.

Rigids were used to supplement the bendy fleet
While the usual fleet used two weeks back are used again.

The shuttle route follows SBS Transit's Express 506's routing, instead of a more shorter and more direct route that runs parallel to the tracks between Jurong East and Bukit Batok Interchange. This second phase of train disruption also marks the end of the disruptions for Jurong East Modification Project.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

TIB890E - Seats with headrests.

TIB890E is the one and only SMRT bus to be fitted with seats + headrests.

On first appearance the Volgelsitze does look like a coach seat.

The seats - view from the back.
The seats are cleverly extended using the special headrest piece, and a longer backrest cushion.

The black piece extendes the seat's backrest and adds a headrest cushion. The seat handles are on either side of the seat.
With the mid-life upgrade/refurbishment just round the corner for the Hispano MK I bendy buses, TIB890E's special seats may walk into history as it makes way for the standard-size Volgelsitze seats.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

SBS Transit's Wright Volvo B9TL is registered!

With the 200 units of ComfortDelgro-bodied B9TLs registration ending at SBS7499A, the new batch of Euro V Wright B9TLs have continued on with the SBS7XXX registration series.

The first unit, completely built up by Wright is registered as SBS7500D. This bus is expected to be a reference for the later completely built up units CKD (completely knocked down) kits. Wrightbus will be overseeing the quality of the assembly.

No information is available on wether the registrations will skip the digit "4" due to it being associated with unfavourable digits in the Asian culture (Tetraphobia).

Enquire Transfer Fee
Vehicle Details
Vehicle No.: SBS7500D
Vehicle Type: H20 - Public Transport Bus/Coach/Minibus
Vehicle Attachment 1: No Attachment
Vehicle Scheme: OmniBus (SBS)
Vehicle Make: VOLVO
Vehicle Model: B9TL
Chassis No.: YV3S4P9229A134477
Engine No.: D9172175
Engine Capacity: 9364 cc
Maximum Laden Weight: 25400 kg
Unladen Weight: 15340 kg
Year Of Manufacture: 2010
Original Registration Date: 13 Sep 2010
Lifespan Expiry Date: 12 Sep 2027
Road Tax Expiry Date: 12 Mar 2011
Inspection Due Date: 12 Sep 2011
Intended Transfer Date: 14 Sep 2010
Expect it out to be on the roads soon.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

SMRT's Hino HS3KRKK cameos.

Two interesting cameos on SMRT bus service 985 today, TIB949X and TIB950R.

The fleet of 11 Hino buses (TIB947B-TIB957Y) are usually confined to the west, serving Choa Chu Kang and Bukit Panjang on routes 925 and 975. It occasionally runs on other Kranji Depot services, making it a rare sight given the small size of the fleet.

The demonstrator Hino (TIB905Y) is found exclusively in Bukit Batok on service 941, occasionally running on other Kranji Depot services.

TIB905Y with the original Volgren bodywork. It would later be modified to have a "smiley" front and differentiate from SBS Transit's Volgren bodywork-ed buses.

Trivia: The Hino buses are the second type of Japanese buses to be used in SMRT's fleet, the first being the Nissan Diesel buses. Unlike their Nissan Diesel cousins which came completely built up with Japanese (Fuji Heavy Industries) bodywork, they were completely built up with Volgren bodywork for a modern look. It was also first trialled on TIB905Y. The Volgren bodywork would later be modified in the front design and used on other chassis such as the O405/O405G and Dennis Lance chassis

Friday, September 10, 2010

Return of entire bus body advertising?

In the past, SBS used to have full body advertisments, with the advertisment colours also applied to the front. This confused the passengers then as they believed the buses with such advertisments are not SBS/TIBS buses. Later the Government requirements mandated public buses to retain the coporate colours at the front of their respective companies when carrying full body advertisments.

A "Southeast Asia's First 100% Low Floor EURO V Bus" advert on SMRT's Citaro.

A "Singapore's first Hybrid Public bus" advert on the SBS Transit's Sulong Hybrid.
The recent Youth Olympic Games (YOG) 2010 held in Singapore saw several buses used to ferry Olympic personnels and athletes. Most of the buses used were drawn from existing buses from private companies, with a handful of SBS Transit's Scania K230UBs fresh out of the assembly plant.

The K230UBs were given an entire body advertisment for the duration of the Games, with the front of the bus having YOG livery applied. It also included the standard accessories for a YOG-exclusive shuttle such as the "GIVE WAY" Olympic stickers, blinker lights and YOG plate.

YOG2156 (SBS5229B) with the YOG standard equipments ready for the Games.
After the games, the buses were quickly returned to revenue services by changing the plate and having the bumper back to SBS Transit's purple.
SBS5225L with the standard SBS Transit colour bumper and EDS, with the standard YOG blinkers still attached.
SBS5192Y with the blinkers removed.
By simply having the bumper to purple and the rooftop aircon pod showing red, SBS Transit's company colours are cleverly retained. This still leaves the "face" of the bus with space for advertisments to be placed there. The Youth Olympic Games' logo being placed there is a possible spark for the return of the entire bus body advertisment, just like the good old days.

Resort Worlds Sentosa to stop free shuttles immediately: Governmment

This afternoon, the Casino Regulatory Authority issued directives to stop the heartland shuttles with immediate effect.

A Yutong coach operating on a free Choa Chu Kang/Bukit Panjang - RWS shuttle.
The Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports (MCYS) announced on Wednesday that they are investigating the free shuttles possibly enticing Singaporeans to gamble in the casinos. Resorts World Sentosa responded with a notice of termination of their free shuttle services by Sunday night. But with the directive in efffect, the service is now terminated earlier than expected without any advance notifications.

The sudden termination today suprised many visitors to RWS. According to a news site, many were caught off guard and upset that they had to find alternatives transport means.

Demand was still strong today as the directives came into effect, with a long queue formed up at one of the many pick up point opposite Tiong Bahru Plaza. Impact will be mostly felt by the private bus operators which have bought several buses to cater for the substantial passenger load, and with the sudden termination, many drivers and buses are suddenly left out in the cold.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Mercedes Benz Citaros for SBS Transit.

SBS Transit Invests In Award-Winning Stepless Buses

SBS Transit's next batch of single-deck buses will crank up the comfort level several notches - thanks to a completely stepless aisle.
Known as a through low-floor bus, the aisle of the Mercedes Citaro is flushed flat from the front of the bus to the back . This makes it especially friendly to elderly passengers who no longer need to climb steps to reach the back of other low-floor models currently on the road. The 300 Citaros, which have won several international awards including the "2007 Bus of the Year" and the "Best Commercial Vehicles of 2010", will also have more than 10 priority seats which will be easily accessible by the elderly and the handicapped.
SBS Transit will pay $110 million for the 300 Citaros. Together with another 300 new double-deck buses from Volvo, they are scheduled to hit our local roads over the next two years starting from 2011.

The latest bus purchase of $268 million brings SBS Transit's total investment in new buses over the last five years to $854 million. It will lower the age of our existing buses from nine years to seven years.

SBS Transit Chief Executive Officer, Mr Gan Juay Kiat, said: "We are excited about our latest bus purchase. The saloon layout of the new single-deck through low-floor buses is more commuter-friendly."

Mr Gan added that when the new single- and double-deck are rolled out over the next two years, two out of every three buses in the SBS Transit fleet will be new.

"This means we will have one of the youngest fleets in Asia," he said.

As with recent bus purchases, the latest batch of new buses are Euro 5 compliant.


SBS Transit operates 193 basic bus services and 53 premium and niche services. The company currently has close to 3,000 buses where one in two of its buses is new. Since our fleet renewal programme commenced in 2006, we have bought 1,450 new buses, of which 1,100 are single deck buses from Scania and 350 are double-deck ones from Volvo. All are wheelchair-accessible buses.

Exterior view of the Citaro Bus which was named "Best Commercial Vehicles of 2010 - City Bus" and "2007 Bus of the Year".
Stepless aisle in the bus

With this press release, SBS Transit has bought 300 Mercedes Benz Citaros. It is likely due to the popularity of the Citaro, coupled with an attractive quotation for the buses allowing for such a purchase to happen.

Meanwhile, SMRT Buses' SMB136C is still currently under 1 year trial. If the trial is successful it will also lead to the mass purchase of the Citaros. It will be the second time since the 1980's era that a common bus model and bodywork is being used (the first being Nissan Diesel U31 series).

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Jurong East Modification Project - Phase 1 [Jurong East - Clementi]

The first phase of the Jurong East MRT Disruption between Jurong East to Cleemnti.It allowed for works on the old/new tracks of Jurong East East-West Line to proceed. Free shuttle buses were deployed to ferry the passengers to and from Jurong East/Clementi Stations

Signs and SMRT staffs/marshallers guiding the crowd to the shuttle buses:

Jurong East :

Crowds being directed to the boarding point

Bendy buses exiting the temporary stop for Jurong East.

The boarding point. Due to the early notices and alternatives given out by LTA/SMRT, the extra crowd control measures were not utilised.

SMRT bendies queueing up at the Jurong East holding area to pick up another round of passengers from Jurong East Station

SMRT staff at work

The boarding point.

On board the service to Clementi. The EZ-Link reader is put in "Out of Service" mode.

Not alot of passengers in this trip i was on.

Clementi Station:

Alighting at Clementi's terminating bay.

Each bus is allocated a bus number. Here TIB1167D is allocated Bus no. 30 out of 77 buses deployed.

At Clementi Station, notices are also put up notifying of the disruptions and alternative travel options.

The bendies U-turns here to the holding area/pick up point for Clementi.

Bendies queuing at the Clementi holding area

The U-turn point at the holding area.

Towards the pick-up point

TIB1182J, one of the Volgren bendy deployed in the mostly Hispano shuttle fleet.

The boarding point at Clementi

While the queuing area for the crowd are (thankfully) not utiliised too.

Never expected a carpark to be also "disrupted" together with the MRT disruption. Actually, part of the carpark was closed in order ot create a walkway from the MRT to the Clementi pickup point.

On the 18-19th September, the second phase of MRT disruption will see the service between Bukit Batok and Jurong East being disrupted for modification works.