Friday, September 10, 2010

Return of entire bus body advertising?

In the past, SBS used to have full body advertisments, with the advertisment colours also applied to the front. This confused the passengers then as they believed the buses with such advertisments are not SBS/TIBS buses. Later the Government requirements mandated public buses to retain the coporate colours at the front of their respective companies when carrying full body advertisments.

A "Southeast Asia's First 100% Low Floor EURO V Bus" advert on SMRT's Citaro.

A "Singapore's first Hybrid Public bus" advert on the SBS Transit's Sulong Hybrid.
The recent Youth Olympic Games (YOG) 2010 held in Singapore saw several buses used to ferry Olympic personnels and athletes. Most of the buses used were drawn from existing buses from private companies, with a handful of SBS Transit's Scania K230UBs fresh out of the assembly plant.

The K230UBs were given an entire body advertisment for the duration of the Games, with the front of the bus having YOG livery applied. It also included the standard accessories for a YOG-exclusive shuttle such as the "GIVE WAY" Olympic stickers, blinker lights and YOG plate.

YOG2156 (SBS5229B) with the YOG standard equipments ready for the Games.
After the games, the buses were quickly returned to revenue services by changing the plate and having the bumper back to SBS Transit's purple.
SBS5225L with the standard SBS Transit colour bumper and EDS, with the standard YOG blinkers still attached.
SBS5192Y with the blinkers removed.
By simply having the bumper to purple and the rooftop aircon pod showing red, SBS Transit's company colours are cleverly retained. This still leaves the "face" of the bus with space for advertisments to be placed there. The Youth Olympic Games' logo being placed there is a possible spark for the return of the entire bus body advertisment, just like the good old days.

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