Saturday, February 26, 2011

RWS88 : The memories

On 30th Jan 2010, SMRT Buses introduced RWS88. It was introduced in support of the Government's effort to make public transport the preferred mode to visit Resorts World Sentosa (RWS).

There were two other RWS shuttle services, RWS8 and RWS68 planned. Only RWS8 went into operation.
  • RWS8 which operates between Habourfront and RWS. It is still in operation.
RWS8 when first introduced in 09 Jan 2010

RWS8 with the current signage indicating Resorts World Sentosa.

  • RWS68, which was planned to be between Outram Park and RWS. The service never materialised.
RWS68, which was never introduced.
Photographed RWS88 on the second last day of operations.

Resorts World Sentosa signage.
City Hall (Loop) signage.

RWS88 rear signage.

A sign directing commuters boarding RWS88 to The Adelphi Lifestyle Mall bus stop
It was withdrawn due to low demand on 26th Dec 2010, which seemingly scrapped the plans of introducing RWS68.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Merger of SBS Transit's 103 & 103M on 13th Feb 2011

On 13th Feb 2011, 103M was merged with the main 103 route which now calls at 14 new bus stops along its merged route, plying Seletar Aerospace Drive and a section of West Camp Road.

It was formerly known as 103W, before renamed as 103M. The route spans from Serangoon to West Camp Road (Loop)

A publicity notice placed on the bus stop pole informing commuters of the merger
Estimated arrival timings.

The last bus on the last trip of 103M : SBS597X

103M's side destination plate on SBS597X

Passing by an empty stop towards West Camp Road

The routing of 103M photographed from within the last bus.
The lone service along this stretch towards West Camp Road.
On its return trip
A security post with a portion of the road closed.
Road will be closed on 13th Feb 2011
Last trip along this route
Turning out
East Camp~
SBS597X towards Serangoon before the route officially ends.
Last trip, last photo too =)
According to SBS Transit's press release : "
This route merger is due to road changes by the Authorities where another section of West Camp Road will be permanently removed while the bus stop along Piccadilly before East Camp Gate will be abolished.
With the road removal, the two pairs of bus stops along the affected road will be re-sited to the adjoining Seletar Aerospace Drive to minimise inconvenience to commuters. There will be no change to the operating hours of Service 103 which will ply from Serangoon Interchange and loop at West Camp Road (ST Airport Services)."

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Farewell SMRT Buses' Yutong ZK6126HGC, SMB135E

The first China-made public citybus, SMB135E Yutong ZK6126HGC has been shipped back to China and is de-registered. The bus was on shown to be on lay up and sources indicate that it was shipped back to China since August 2010. It had faithfully served on 854 till the trial ended.

Farewell SMB135E.

Do read more about SMB135E here:

**Update on 22/05/2011 : PC194T is the new registration of the bus, and it now with Bedok Transport. Whether the bus was sent back to China may not be known.

** Update on 05/06/2011 : It's in Singapore! Now with Bedok Transport.

PC194T with Bedok Transport

Sunday, February 6, 2011

SMRT Buses : Mercedes Benz O405 Hispano Carrocera Tribute Tour [PART 2]

Part 1 covered SMRT Buses' Mercedes O405 Hispano Carrocera buses themselves. Part 2 now covers on the tour that was held on 15th Jan 2011 with several enthusiasts joining in this tribute tour.
The first batch of these buses are nearing 17 years of their lifespan. Without extension, they are scheduled to be laid up by the next half of 2011.

A tribute tour was held by the bus enthusiasts on 15th Jan 2011 in recongnition of these buses that have touched our heart and souls, leaving a very lasting impression and memories since the TIBS days.

The tour was held with much of a history tour for TIBS and these pioneering buses.

Manjit, the Captain for TIB828L
Mr Koh Soon Teck, the Captan for TIB762S
Tour Start!

At Yishun Interchange, there was a opening cermony where the specially programmed Destination signage for the tour was unveiled. Boarding commenced shortly after. Yishun Interchange was chosen specially for the start point

The specially programmed EDS video by Willis Chong

The presenter of TIB828L : Chris Tan. Presenter for TIB762S was Wei Tong.
The buses went by the defunct Jalan Kayu Bus Terminal towards Sengkang/Punggol, where TIBS also used to operate out of the terminal.

Taking a shot from the bus when at the junction.
At Punggol Road end, where everyone took a shot of both buses U-turning at the road end.
Travelling towards the photo point, we passed through some of the old routes operated by TIBS and these buses ran, in which presenters on both buses quizzed and shared information on the histories of the routes and buses that dates way back to then-TIBS days.

When these Hispano-bodied O405 debuted, it gave commuters a very different view of the buses that TIBS operated. With its bright orange/yellow and biege livery, big green flipdot signage and a very distinct look, it was set to give a commuters a refreshing experience. Attractive green interior with minimal partions and individual seatings gave the bus a very open and comfortable atmosphere.

Enjoying the trip

 Photostop took us to the Fort Heavy Vehicle Park, where there were a few shots taken.

Catching good photos for memories of the two types of buses.

Photographed Photographer.
 Unfortunately, it started to rain =X. 

Moving to the nearby backup photostop.
Something's cooking back there ^^
The whole tour promptly moved to the backup sheltered photostop at the coach parking area near the demolished National Stadium (which it is to be redeveloped to a Singapore Sports Hub) where the photoshoot of the buses and features continued.


Something's there...*snaps*
Checking out TIB762S
Presenting the Appreciation Certificates for the Manjit and Mr Koh, in which the tour will not be possible without them too!

Wei Tong & Mr Koh
Chris and Manjit

And of course, it is also not possible with the participation of our guests too!

The Mercedes Benz O405 Hispano Carrocera Tribute Tour Group Shot.
Departing the coach bay.

The tour went up Mount Faber, which is one of the highlights of the tour (no SMRT services plies Mount Faber so far).

Onboard TIB828L by Clement Tan

And on board TIB762S by Willis Chong

The last part of the tour went past Bukit Panjang and Bukit Batok, in which we plied another old route TIBS 179 before the Light Rapid Transit (LRT) was built. The tour also ran along a portion of TIBS service 989, which was a service from Choa Chu Kang to Changi Airport , before its withdrawal and merger with TIBS 185 that plies  between Choa Chu Kang and Jln Anak Bukit that is today's 985 (ending at Geylang Lor 1)

And celebrating a fellow enthusiast's birthday on the bus too!

Happy Birthday!
As these iconic buses start to retire within these few years, there will be fond memories for everyone young and old alike, with its illustrious history with TIBS & SMRT Buses. Thank you for the 17 years of service on Singapore roads, each and every one of the Hispano O405s.

Thank you =)