Sunday, September 5, 2010

Jurong East Modification Project - Phase 1 [Jurong East - Clementi]

The first phase of the Jurong East MRT Disruption between Jurong East to Cleemnti.It allowed for works on the old/new tracks of Jurong East East-West Line to proceed. Free shuttle buses were deployed to ferry the passengers to and from Jurong East/Clementi Stations

Signs and SMRT staffs/marshallers guiding the crowd to the shuttle buses:

Jurong East :

Crowds being directed to the boarding point

Bendy buses exiting the temporary stop for Jurong East.

The boarding point. Due to the early notices and alternatives given out by LTA/SMRT, the extra crowd control measures were not utilised.

SMRT bendies queueing up at the Jurong East holding area to pick up another round of passengers from Jurong East Station

SMRT staff at work

The boarding point.

On board the service to Clementi. The EZ-Link reader is put in "Out of Service" mode.

Not alot of passengers in this trip i was on.

Clementi Station:

Alighting at Clementi's terminating bay.

Each bus is allocated a bus number. Here TIB1167D is allocated Bus no. 30 out of 77 buses deployed.

At Clementi Station, notices are also put up notifying of the disruptions and alternative travel options.

The bendies U-turns here to the holding area/pick up point for Clementi.

Bendies queuing at the Clementi holding area

The U-turn point at the holding area.

Towards the pick-up point

TIB1182J, one of the Volgren bendy deployed in the mostly Hispano shuttle fleet.

The boarding point at Clementi

While the queuing area for the crowd are (thankfully) not utiliised too.

Never expected a carpark to be also "disrupted" together with the MRT disruption. Actually, part of the carpark was closed in order ot create a walkway from the MRT to the Clementi pickup point.

On the 18-19th September, the second phase of MRT disruption will see the service between Bukit Batok and Jurong East being disrupted for modification works.

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