Tuesday, September 14, 2010

SBS Transit's Wright Volvo B9TL is registered!

With the 200 units of ComfortDelgro-bodied B9TLs registration ending at SBS7499A, the new batch of Euro V Wright B9TLs have continued on with the SBS7XXX registration series.

The first unit, completely built up by Wright is registered as SBS7500D. This bus is expected to be a reference for the later completely built up units CKD (completely knocked down) kits. Wrightbus will be overseeing the quality of the assembly.

No information is available on wether the registrations will skip the digit "4" due to it being associated with unfavourable digits in the Asian culture (Tetraphobia).

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Vehicle Details
Vehicle No.: SBS7500D
Vehicle Type: H20 - Public Transport Bus/Coach/Minibus
Vehicle Attachment 1: No Attachment
Vehicle Scheme: OmniBus (SBS)
Vehicle Make: VOLVO
Vehicle Model: B9TL
Chassis No.: YV3S4P9229A134477
Engine No.: D9172175
Engine Capacity: 9364 cc
Maximum Laden Weight: 25400 kg
Unladen Weight: 15340 kg
Year Of Manufacture: 2010
Original Registration Date: 13 Sep 2010
Lifespan Expiry Date: 12 Sep 2027
Road Tax Expiry Date: 12 Mar 2011
Inspection Due Date: 12 Sep 2011
Intended Transfer Date: 14 Sep 2010
Expect it out to be on the roads soon.

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