Saturday, November 20, 2010

Ex - SBS Leisure Volvo B10M MK 4 w/ Soon Chow bodywork - PA4682K

Spotted PA4682K parked at Woodlands Industrial Park E9, which is very near SMRT Buses' Woodlands Depot. It is believed to be abandoned for a very long time, though not de-registered (as of 20 Nov 2010)

PA4682K parked at the roadside parking lots.

The first hint that this bus cannot be moved are the wooden wheel chocks placed at the wheels of the bus.

A largely intact interior.
The interior gathered quite a lot of dust, and the engine floorboard is taken out of its position, exposing the engine below. The bumper that is missing from the front is at the front entrance of the bus. Otherwise, a mostly intact interior retaining the original SBS Leisure configuration.

The MK IV Dashboard. There are still some items left by the previous driver.

Both the entrance and the exit doors were open, and nothing on the bus was working. Revenue equipments such as the coinbox and the bus stopping bells still remain.

Retained its first registration plate barcode SH0970H.
A very poorly maintained (if any maintenance) bus.

The bodywork have a lot of wear and tear from weathering and visible damages can be found on the bumper and radiator grille.

View from the rear. The suspension is broken.
The bus looks fine at first sight from the rear.
Hope the bus will either be scrapped soon or be brought back to SBS Transit for refurbishing for revenue service with its other MK IV Soon Chow cousins.

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