Sunday, November 28, 2010

ComfortDelgro Scania K230UB recieves EDS!

The SC Chirvalous bodied Scania K230UBs are have started to recieving Electronic Destination Signage (EDS) units.

It replaces the traditional plastic destination signages displaying the route number/details.

PA9596T on A2 with EDS displaying PGP Terminal.
PA9552U on A2 using plastic destination signage.
The EDS is believed to be Coolair while the formatting is, away from the kerb, with the first line showing the terminating destination, and the second line showing the passing by locations.

Using A4 paper to denote A1/A2, depending on the direction of travel.

The EDS is on the top left of the rear windscreen, displaying A1
These ComfortDelgro SC Chirvalous Scania K230UBs are running internal shuttle routes in National University of Singapore. They are of similar specifications to their SBS Transit's cousins.

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