Friday, November 12, 2010

London's new Routemaster mock up revealed!

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson has unveiled a full-size mock up of the new Routemaster yesterday. This replacement to the mostly retired Routemaster fleet boasts modern style to both its looks and features.

It features hybrid technology, easily accessible interior with wheelchair accessibility, the return of the Routemaster's famous hop on/hop off rear platform, and glazed glasses at the staircases for the passengers to see outside while ascending the staircases. The new Routemasters will be built by Wrightbus.

The new Routemaster unveiled
The right side showing of the first staircase.
The rear of the new Routemaster, showing off the second staircase.
LED headlights.
The driver's cab.
Mockup with rear, with the photographer noting the traditional seat frames.

The prototype will be out sometimes next year in London, with the production new Routemasters expected to be introduced in 2012.

All photos featured here are courtesy of routeOne magazine's Facebook Photos @ New Bus for London - Mock up revealed. route. routeONE magazine is the weekly trade magazine for the UK coach and bus industry.


  1. FYI: The 2 blue things in the fifth image are the Oyster card validators, similar to our CEPAS-compliant / EZ-Link cards readers. :D

  2. I was interested to read about this but notice you refer to the bus as a 'mock up'. Is the bus in the photographs a mock up or an actual working prototype?

  3. Hi dubmill,
    The new Routemaster in the photos by routeOne is a mock up demonstrator of the features of this new Routemaster
    The actual working prototype is expected to roll out in 2012 according to press release.