Thursday, November 18, 2010

SMRT Buses : Ex-CSS310U UMW Dennis Lance [TIB1257C]

CSS310U parked at Geylang Lor 1 Depot - photo by rainbowbus
 TIB1257C started life as the sole UMW Dennis Lance (registered as CSS310U) joining the now defunct City Shuttle Service (CSS). The company's fleet consisted mostly of Japanese buses such as Nissan Diesel/Hino and a handful of Hispano DAFs.  

The interior is mostly similar, save for a few minor visual differences - photo by rainbowbus

When CSS's operation terminated, CSS310U was transferred over to the SMRT's fleet together with some Nissan Diesel buses. While some of them were re-registered with TIB prefix, others retained the CSS-plates.

TIB1257C : the very last TIBS registration plate.
CSS310U recieved the final TIB registration plate - TIB1257C and the TIB prefix was discontinued when the new SMB prefixes debuted on the OC500LEs by SMRT Buses.

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