Sunday, December 5, 2010

TIB597C recieves CoolAir EDS (Update with EDS controller & night photo!)

CoolAir Electronic Destination Signage (EDS) in Singapore is a rather common sight for SBS Transit's 500 Euro IV Scania K230UBs, which is also their first batch of buses fitted with CoolAir EDS en-masse. Recently, SMRT Buses fitted a Coolair EDS on TIB597C.
  • Comparison: Front
TIB597C on 61. 

The EDS fitted on TIB597C is signifcantly smaller, hence the black borders on both sides of the display window. The format of the EDS is formatted with the route number displayed on the nearside.
  • Comparison : Side

The side EDS of TIB597C is the rear EDS for the Scania K230UB. The fonts are the same.

TIB597C heading towards Eunos.
Overall, the EDS seems to be easier to view from a distance then the current KUBs and shutter speed for this EDS is 1/50 to 1/60.

Update : A couple of friends asked me wether if the EDS will also be "a blob of orange" for night shots.

CoolAir EDS on TIB597C, a shot at night.
Verdict : Yes it does through the camera lens. Though viewing with the naked eye, it does look quite clear.

And for those who are curious about the EDS controller :

Standard CoolAir EDS controller, displaying 496.

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