Saturday, December 18, 2010

SBS Transit's first Volvo B9TL on service 157

It was a pleasant surprise today as the SBS Transit's first Volvo B9TL ran on revenue service today on service 157.

SBS7486L from Braddell Bus Park on 157, permanent service on 88.
It was odd as even though the part of the 200 CDGE B9TLs were deployed to both Braddell Bus Park and Soon Lee Bus Park, none of them ever ran on service 157 (cameos or permanent bus) till today.

With the Leyland Olympians retiring, the CDGE/incoming Wright B9TLs may become part of the permanent fleet on 157.

Author's wish now : I wish it will be a Wright bodied B9TL next ^^.

Update: According to Charles Teo's info on our facebook page, it is the 2nd B9TL on 157. The first time was one of SLBP's 143 B9TL did 157 route (TPY to Boon Lay) before switching back to service 143. That means that this bus is the first BRBP bus to do 157. ^^

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