Friday, October 8, 2010

TIB846J is refurbished!

Following TIB840A's refurbishment, the second ELBO to be refurbished is TIB846J (a perm bus on 187). Unfortunately for me, the bus's aircon broke down but still continued on revenue service on the trip which i took.

The airconditioning broke down during revenue service, but the bus was not taken out of service (fortunately) at the time of this shot.
The driver's window being fully open is testament to the stuffiness in the bus.
The interior of TIB846J. Note the paper on the far right corner which covers a faulty EZ-link reader.
Hope that TIB846J's airconditioning can be fixed up soon to provide commuters on 187 with a comfortable ride!

Edit: Forgot to add this on, the Volgelsitze struts supporting the seats aren't painted grey this time round like TIB840A.

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