Sunday, October 31, 2010

SBS Transit's Wright B9TL - Preview of SBS7500D [Demonstrator]

Info from a fellow bus enthusiast yesterday led the author to Hougang Interchange where the two buses, SBS7500D and SBS7502Z were spotted for familiarisation by the BCs. SBS7500D is the demonstrator Wright B9TL shipped to Singapore in CBU and undergone a tilt test.

SBS7500D was spotted near Hougang Interchange doing test runs. One of the observations made was the Wright B9TLs are slightly quieter than their CDGE cousins.

The bumper area. The holes below the main headlights are empty design moulds only.
With the test runs, deployment of some of the inital units to various depots, together with the impending retirement of some of the Leyland Olympians, the Wright B9TLs are expected to enter revenue service soon.

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