Sunday, August 29, 2010

SBS Transit's Scania K310UD - SBS7888K

Registering buses with '8' is not an uncommon practice given the auspicious links with it. And SBS7888K is no exception, beign registered at the 7XXX with the B9TLs and following the traditions such as SBS1688K and SBS2888T.

At first glance, the Gemilang-bodied Scania K310UD looks amazing, with the bodywork reminiscence of the designs that can be more commonly found in Hong Kong.

From far, one might mistake it as a B9TL with EDS, as it shares similar design elements with the CDGE B9TL bodywork.

With a large amount of of black integrated to the front and rear design of the bodywork, it makes the bus looks sleek and modern. the sliver paint at the taillight area and the Scania-ish outline adds a nice touch.

When you step on board the bus, it feels as though you've stepped into another K230UB, which is also bodied by Gemilang. But go beyond the surface and it has an updated interior design.

The lower saloon is a hybrid design between the K230UB and the B9TLs, favouring of side seating bench seats over the rear tyre. The bus stopping light is cleverly integrated at the front.

The side piority seats, with equipments stowed under the seats.
The wheelchair ramp, stowed at the exit door.

The PIW slot. The new flooring design can also be seen here.

The seats (apparently) aren't from Volgelsitze but they are more comfortable than the Volgelsitze found on the KUBs. Something like the seats from SBST's Volvo Super Olympians.

Maybe it's seen on 1100 buses and gotten used to it, but the aircon duct design doesn't seem that boring anymore. Neither does the brown interior.

There are no cushions to protect the taller passengers from accidentally hitting their heads on the wall when descending the staircase

The staircase. White frosted glass adds a nice touch to the brown interior.

Ovals are integrated in the design of various areas around the bus, such as the bus stopping light and the rego plate.

Upper saloon, back to front.

The upper deck middle seat also features a safety belt.

The rear window's design reminds of the Volvo Olympian 2 axle's rear window.

As seen from the upper deck's window. The upper deck window gives a generous viewing area of the front.

This bus doesn't vibrate alot as compared to the single deck brothers, and performance is pretty top notch. It sounds like a KUB but with it's distinctive acceleration tune.

Overall, the bus is rated at 8 out of 10. Worth riding!

Virtual ride of SBS7888K by mailerdiablo.

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