Sunday, August 29, 2010

Chitson's Mercedes OC500LE - PA9588S

The OC500LE that SBST took as a demonstrator was never registered, and was instead sold to the pritvate charter company, Chitson Transport.

It was thought that when SBST rejected the OC500LE, the bus would be registered with SMRT given that the company is operating 134 units. And a slight refurbishment of the exterior and interior could pass it off as a new unit for SMRT.

The OC500LE with Chitson, as PA9588S
The bus is largely left unmodified, save for the refurbishment of the bus to a coach-like private bus. The bodywork was specified to be largely similar to the blueprints of the SMRT's OC500LE, except for changes in the headlight and taillight units.

The headlight units are moulded to house the same headlight components as used by the Scania KUBs. Otherwise the original Capacity front is mostly retained.

The tailight section is similar to that of the Citaro, while the right light marker mounted at the right of the rear window is of SBST's specification. Otherwise, another largely intact rear retained.

The rear view mirror that is used on the KUB's bodywork.

The granny seat is replaced with one coach seat

A LG "TV Mobile" unit.

The seating arrangement is now the same as SMRT's OC500LE - 4 forward facing seats. Though the legroom leaves much to be desired.

SBST's brown interior panelling, same as the Scanias. Note the JVC speakers.

Deja Vu Scania...Merc...Scania
City bus in a coach configuration - reminiscence of Hong Kong double decker's configuration.

One of the two air cleaners are installed by SBST.This probably sparked (pun intended) SBS7888K's electronic air cleaners.

This is a Konvekta aircon filter.

In SMRT's blueprint, this wheelarch never appeared.

Wheelchair ramp. The PIW space is replaced with seats.

Gorba EDS controller.

Premium sign, Desto holder, WAB logo.

The Gorba EDS with the default "12 Bedok - Clementi" trial desto from the SBST. The actual route 12 services between Pasir Ris and New Bridge Road.

Overall, the ex-SBST's OC500LE is slightly quieter with little vibrations, and performance similar to the SMRT units. This unit have a softer ZF howl as compared to the SMRT's OC. I do prefer SBST getting the OC500LE over their recent bulk purchase of 1100 Scania K230UBs. But with Chitson Transport acquring an OC500LE, will this be an opportunity for Chitson to become another public transport operator in the future? Time will tell.

The ex-SBST OC500LE demonstrator becoming private bus is like a wild card cameo for the bus enthusiast community. ;)

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