Tuesday, March 4, 2014

YN4397L - I Love Children Bus (Volvo B10M MK IV w/ DM3500 bodywork, ex SBS2744A)

Quite a long while ago, SBS Transit donated SBS7297R, a Volvo Olympian 2 axles non air-conditioned double decker bus to the I Love Children organisation, and it was converted into a mobile gallery vehicle to promote about parenthood.

Not around anymore - it's been scrapped.
The bus was retired and another replacement vehicle was donated by SBS Transit - this time round, a single deck bus in the form of a Volvo B10M MK IV with DM3500 bodywork.

Close enough. SBS2788Z.
And converted to the new MILK bus!

And hi there! On its first day and first display

So like its predecessor, most of the exterior of bus remains the same, though with modifications to accommodate for the mobile gallery setup. The exterior remain mostly unchanged, though with a new paint job. The doors now have a manual lock system so that people don't break in to the bus.

In general, not much has changed...But try to spot the missing feature on the bus. (Hint, no passengers are taking this bus anymore, so there's no need for the original bus cooling in the interior).

Though most of the original bodywork is retained, modifications were made to the bus.

Sutrak aircon system is removed, because it's too mainstream. Sort of.

The rear now houses a grille and an input for the power from an external generator.
While the rest are kept intact

Familiar bus is familiar

Unlike Molly the Library bus, the rear view mirrors are not replaced with the bigger housing type & two mirrors.

Its former identity still remains.
The rear, mostly intact, but with a grille and stuffs.

A new coat of paint - and the safety devices that keep the nuts tight from the SBS Transit days is retained.
Same for the rear axle & rim.
The wood flooring concept is retained, and now is in a much lighter colour compared to the Volvo Olympian wood flooring.

The flooring is now light brown wood style, and there's an additional step to compensate for the islands and engine hump which used to have seats mounted on it. It's to give it a flat floor in the gallery mode.
The identification plates.
For the chassis plate lovers.

The driver cab, minus the revenue equipments. The blue driver seat had been changed, complete with an armrest and a seatbelt. Yep, the Duple Metsec badge is still retained.
The whole interior is changed to a warm colour, to the tone of light orange.

Seat. With seatbelt. And armrest.
The Volvo B10M dashboard.

Everything is mostly retained as well.
Where the revenue service equipments & coinbox used to be.

And where the farecard reader and wires used to be.

Chassis plate at the top.

No more bus stopping.

And into the bus....

The interior of the bus. Yep, flat floor, 3 steps entry & exit.
The Doors Closing is removed.
Rear to front view of the gallery
An additional step after the standard 2 step from the original DM3500 body configuration.
And there you have it - the new I Love Children bus mobile gallery. For the appearances and its schedule, do check out this site @ http://www.ilovechildren.org.sg/bus-schedule/bus-schedule.html

In its display mode at Harbourfront

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