Thursday, October 17, 2013

SBS Transit : Scania K230UB / Gemilang (SBS8033D)

The first of the Scania K230UB buses in Singapore, SBS8033D is a demonstrator bus and part of the first batch of K230UBs to be introduced on to Singapore's roads. 

SBS8033D on off service.
SBS8033D deployed on service 30.

SBS8033D, Euro IV and Euro V/EEV front comparison.
At the period of time, SBS Transit was probably trying out the low entry vehicles as well, so along with SBS8030L and SBS8033D (a Scania K230UB demonstrator), there was SBS8031J and "SBS8032G" as well - belonging to a MAN 18.240 HOCL-NL and possibly the Mercedes Benz OC500LE, both bodied by Gemilang. SBS8031J is no longer with SBS Transit while "SBS8032G" was never taken in by SBS Transit at all and was sold to Chitson Transport instead.

Volvo B7RLE demonstrator with Soon Chow bodywork SBS8030L
ex-SBS8031J after it was returned back to ST Kinetics & MAN.
Chitson Transport's PA9588S - its one and only registration today and the only OC500LE with city bus specs with a private operator as of today
The front of SBS8033D looks to be inspired from the Scania Omnicity
Scania Omnicity. Photo from
Though unfortunately, the demonstrator front was replaced since 19th August 2013 with a production Euro V (updated) front that's used by the of the 600 Euro V/EEV K230UBs that makes up a larger part of the fleet.

SBS8033D with a production front.

In fact, the rear is not original as well - the right blinker used to be lower and all the tail lights used to be smaller and used bulbs instead of the standard LEDs used on the majority of the SBS Transit fleet today to standardize the parts This makes SBS8033D have a non-original front and rear, a unique point of this bus.

At least one unique point of this bus is still around as of today - the purple themed interior.Though again, the original seat covers was changed to standardize the fleet with the Volvo Super Olympian, Dennis Trident & B10BLE's seat covers. Though the general color scheme remains the same. And unlike its production cousins, its side electronic signage is mounted a little bit up higher on the left.

It is also one of the very few buses in the public bus fleet to use non-dark tinted windows.

The purple themed interior which reflects the company's purple/red livery colours. 
As compared to the production batch which sees the interior change to a brown themed colour scheme instead, the purple is refreshing..

The production brown themed interior of the production first batch.
The layout is mostly the same from the first batch of production units, though some improvements were made at the front half for the Euro V/EEV batch.

Extra seatng ftw.
The driver's dashboard.
And the dashboard on the production batch.
Unlike its production cousins, SBS8033D feels more classy without the gloss of the production batch's interior.

The front with the bus stopping lamp.
Where the first aid kit is stored
The electronics bay above the driver
The housing above the front door.

The SMC entrance door with yellow grab poles.
Fire extinguisher stored behind the driver cabin, with a bit of "standing space" Though later this area would be the footrest for an additional seat above the right wheel arch.

The high wheel arch. On the production batch, they were lowered to just below the window line.

Unlike the right side, the left wheel arch has two levels. 
The lower one is a convenient "luggage" placement for passengers standing near the door. 

The side signage housing is mounted higher than its production batch cousins.

And also unlike the production batch, SBS8033D has two small additional windows right after the driver's window and front door.

The left window.
The right window
Close up of the air con duct design
The ceiling and the purple aircon ducts.
The bus is equipped with two wheelchair bays for passengers in wheelchair.

Unlike its production batch cousins, the front wheelchair cushion is mounted on a stand.
The two wheelchair bays, which also doubles up as a standee area.

4 priority seats are placed sideways for the convenience of elderly, pregnant, injured or disabled passengers.
SMC Transit exit door with the wheelchair ramp
The housing for the exit door mechanism
The rear half of the bus
As a bus, the interior is definitely one of the most unique themed in the SBS Transit's fleet. Other than that, it's very similar to the production vehicles now with the production front replacing its demonstrator front.

SBS8033D departs the old Jurong East Interchange on service 334.


  1. Wow, never knew there was a Gemilang bodied Scania K230UB

    1. yep, there is - and it's one of the popular combination that is still used today on a variety of Scania K citybus chassis~