Thursday, January 12, 2012

LECIP Electronic Destination Signage for Volvo Super Olympians

Following up on the previous post on LECIP EDSes upgrade on the older double deckers (CDGE B9TL and Volvo Olympian 3 axles batch 3),  I wrote that "And after the installation is complete for the CDGE B9TLs, the next to recieve a LECIP upgrade might be the Volvo Super Olympian fleet, as the oldest VO3X batch 3 recieved its LECIP upgrade due to it still having a long (service) lifespan with SBS Transit".

And on the 2nd last day of 2011 (30th Dec 2011), SBS9822L was the first Volvo Super Olympian to have the LECIP EDS upgrade, using the size of signage from the CDGE B9TL. The original red borders are not changed to black as with the VO3X batch 3 upgrades.

SBS9822L on 65 as it approached Tampines.

Unlike previous upgrades which utilised the side destination plate holder box, the electronic signage on SBS9822L is mounted on top (similar to the Wright B9TLs)
SBS9839P, with the side destination holder at the bottom of the left window.
About a week later, the signage was changed to a bigger one, giving it an appearance similar to SBS9810X. (Yea, the photo below looks edited/photoshopped, most likely due to the existing red border that many are familiar with).

A big signage similar to the one used on the Wright B9TL batch 3 was fitted in place of the original small signage. The side signage remains unchanged.

The Volvo Super Olympian's plastic signage holder space seems to be able to accomodate a big electronic signage as part of its design, as seen on the then-SBS9888Y Volvo Super Olympian demonstrator (burnt down in a depot fire) and SBS9810X, hence the bigger LECIP signage is a welcome change from the previous small signages seen on the other 2 models given it is now more visible.

Though adding in the black borders could help in aiding visibility too.

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