Thursday, December 1, 2011

SBS Transit : Volvo B9TL Wright Eclipse Gemini 2 (Batch 3)

SBS Transit's Wright Eclipse Gemini 2 bodied Volvo B9TL have two distinct batches, with the only difference being the first batch of 150 buses having ZF EcoLife 6AP 1410B transmission, and registered between SBS7500D - SBS7686B (excluding regos ending with 4). The second batch however differs in it having Voith DIWA 864.5 transmission, though the specifications remain the same as the first batch. They are currently registered in 77XX series.

However, a third batch made a debut on 23rd Nov 2011, which are registered under SBS3XXX series.

SBS3000G, the first of the 3XXX series Wright B9TL
Externally, SBS3XXX series Wright B9TLs looks very similar to the first two batches, however they are equipped with LECIP electronic destination signages (EDS) instead of Hanover signages. Though they are equipped with the Voith DIWA transmission used in the batch 2 Wrights.

Internally, it is a different story.

100% low floor!
The lower deck is now configured to be 100% fully low floor, utiliing the B9TL's potential as a full low floor double decker. The previous two batches of Wright B9TLs were configured to be low entry. The upper deck remains the same configuration.

The first two batch had low entry configuration, with a step leading to the seats pictured here.

The low floor configuration zero step configuration.
In the thid batch, it is largely similar in layout, however two side facing seats from each side row are now configured to be foward facing seats. They are also redesignated as priority seats.

Both pair of seats (top and bottom) are mounted on the "floor" where the previous two batches , would be the place side facing seat passengers would place their feets on.
There are also minor specifications differences in this third batch.

The first aid kit is originally housed in the Hanover EDS housing in the first two batch.
But in the third batch, it is moved to the front of the bus.
While the side and rear EDS housing is now bigger to accomodate the size of the LEICP signages.
The bigger side EDS housing.
The door closing sign is now angled for better visibility. In the previous 2 batches, the sign is placed as is, and facing downwards to the floor, making it hard to see the door closing lights when the door closes.
The move to configure this batch of Wright B9TL to 100% low floor is an improvement over the previous two batches in terms of accessibility, without needing to climb two steps in order to reach the seats, while some small modifications to the specifications such as the door closing sign and the first aid kit relocated to be more prominent at the front of the bus is a welcome change.

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  1. please note that the 75xx and the 76xx series of wrights got it's first aid compartment moved from the side eds compartment to the front section already. this is more prominent in Soon Lee Buses. not sure if the other depots got it implemented or not.