Friday, July 15, 2011

SMRT Buses' fleet of new buses

MAN A22/MCV eVolution
SMB138Y, MAN A22 demonstrator with MCV bodywork
SMRT Buses has made a purchase for a fleet of MAN A22 low floor buses worth over $65 million! As the press release mentions that it will utilise the sliding plug doors, which suggests that the bodywork could be the smart-looking MCV eVolution bodywork that is used on the demonstrator SMB138Y. Delieveries of the MAN A22 buses will start from August 2011 to end-2012.

The press release from ST Engineering.

ZhongTong Hybrid LCK6121GHEV

ZhongTong Hybrid LCK6121GHEV
The first hybrid for SMRT Buses, and the second China-made public bus is now laid up till 28th June 2012, given the 6 months trial that started in January was up. There is no information available if the bus will stay beyond the 6 months trial as of July 2011.

BYD electric buses

BYD K9 Electric bus (Photo by
Given the trial of the hybrid Zhongtong (which uses diesel and electricity to run) has ended, a greener alternative of electricity-only 10 BYD e-buses will be brought in by SMRT Buses. The model is not stated in the press release, however it is speculated that the K9 bus will be brought in.

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